Folk Music History and Live Musical Performance with Tom Hoffman-Thursday, July 11th at 7PM

Are you interested in learning more about folk music and the great folk artists? Would you enjoy taking in a live musical performance? If so, you will not want to miss this exciting event with Tom Hoffman.

It is free and open to the public.

Hoffman has loved folk music for over 50 years, ever since he started playing it in 1970 after landing in the rolling hills of Cornell University. While he started as a math teacher, he ended up doing community, union, and environmental organizing. As part of his presentation, Hoffman will perform a selection of songs meaningful to him from some of his favorite musicians and/or Sing Out Magazine. Along with singing, he will play guitar, banjo, and fretless banjo. His selection will feature songs by Michael Cooney, Utah Phillips, The New City Ramblers, Pete Seeger and others.

There will be a collection jar out for cash donations to Pittsburgh’s Calliope House for anyone wishing to donate.

Registration is appreciated.