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  • Business and Company Resource Center – An excellent tool that brings together many different kinds of tools for searching on companies, industries and business trends.
  • Google Business News
  • Yahoo Business News – Yahoo’s business news service. This provides the big business news stories of the day.
  • Time Business Section – This is Time Magazine’s online business section.
  • CEO Express Business News Portal – A great site for all kinds of business news and general news. Contains links to some of the best business research tools.
  • – A stock lookup tool for personal investors.
  • – The financial newswire service, Bloomberg News, is comprised of 1,600 reporters in 94 bureaus worldwide, writing more than 4,000 news stories daily. Armed with Bloomberg’s data and analytics, they follow the money trail better than any other news
  • Business Wire – A useful site for industry research and hot business topics.
  • Hoover’s Online – This is one of the best sites for business research. Some content
    requires payment to view, but much of the site is available for free to view broad topics like industries and financials. Good for researching IPOs. The pay service is used by many corporate librarians to get the latest business and industry information.
  • Morningstar Online (library use only) – The online version of Morningstar, enhanced for
    library use. Three levels of searching for beginner, intermediate and advanced investors. Compare stocks, mutual funds, securities and track the market.


  • PeopleSmart-Protecting your privacy is hard in our complicated, technology-driven world. To help you protect your privacy, we compiled educational resources, privacy tips, and a list of things you can do.
  • Pennsylvania’s Do Not Call List – Unwanted telemarketing calls can be a nuisance and an intrusion to your privacy at home. Pennsylvania has joined a number of other states in passing a “Do Not Call” law. This website offers Pennsylvanians a way to eliminate many of these calls by placing their names on a statewide “Do Not Call” list.
  • Kelley Blue Book – The nation’s leading provider of automotive pricing and value information.
  • Cars Direct – A useful site for car buyers that provides research on features and pricing
    for virtually any make and model.
  • Deposit Accounts – Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find the best bank account. We do this by tracking the current interest rates and other details for thousands of accounts and allowing visitors to easily compare rates between banks. We also provide bank reviews submitted by other visitors and financial health statistics to help make the decision of which bank to use easier.

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