Board of Trustees

Vision Statement: To be a valued community asset that inspires lifelong learning and supports enriching experiences for all.

Mission Statement: To be a vibrant community hub where all people gather to connect, engage, discover, learn and play.

Core Values:

Being Good Stewards of the Castle Shannon Library and Community Resources: We are a trusted resource for our community. We take pride in our commitment to honesty and transparency.

Being Consistently Patron-centered: We have a knowledgeable and positive group of staff members who focus on library users’ interests and needs.

Encouraging and Fostering Curiosity: We continually seek to encourage personal growth and facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and creativity.

Community Engagement: We intentionally seek opportunities to be actively engaged in the life of the community.

Equal and Inclusive Access: We believe that learning is a human right and we actively work to provide a comfortable, inclusive space where people see themselves represented and embraced.

2023 Library Board of Trustees Meetings-Revised April 2023

The Community Library of Castle Shannon Board of Trustees meeting minutes are now available in PDF format:

January 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

February 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

March 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

April 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

May 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

June 2023 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

2022 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes


Donna Phillips, President
Member at Large

Marian Randazzo, Vice President
Borough Council/Representative

Diane Fabry, Secretary/Treasurer
Member at Large

Donece Janiak
Member at Large

Jennifer Shushnar
Member at Large

Laura Heckmann
Member at Large

Mary Craig
Member at Large